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Which medication is most effective at stopping seizures in the ED?
"Someone having a seizure must be treated quickly," said Brandon Foreman, MD, assistant professor of neurology at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. "Under normal circumstances, we would get permission from a person or his legal …
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World Effort Wiping Out Killer Diseases
Although some countries did become permanently malaria — free as a result, others saw increased parasitic resistance to treatment by the drug chloroquine and mosquito resistance to DDT. As eradication efforts stalled, the number of victims surged.
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It's time for insurers to close mental health care gap for youths
Mental Health Services Act funds support all elements of the psychosis specialty care model, including coordinated community outreach, education and stigma reduction, comprehensive assessment and individualized treatment planning, psychiatric care and …
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The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay Hosts Tsu.Ya Trunk Show

(PRWEB) March 05, 2015

Olympian, fashion aficionado, active mom and philanthropist Kristi Yamaguchi showcases her Tsu.ya clothing line at an exclusive Trunk Show in The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Half Moon Bay on Saturday, April 18 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Yamaguchis inspiration for Tsu.ya (pronounced tsoo-ya) is to deliver exactly what is needed to feel confident and empowered for an active lifestyle with distinctive quality, tailored to real-life demands. Influenced by her years as an international athlete traveling to fashion capitals around the world, Tsu.ya offers modern designs, on-trend colors and sophisticated style, plus ultra-comfortable fabrics in its active and contemporary collections.

As part of The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bays Community Footprints efforts, the resort will donate five percent of the Tsu.ya sales for the day to Yamaguchis Always Dream Foundation, which inspires underserved children to reach for their dreams through innovative reading programs and by advancing the cause of early childhood literacy.

The Ritz-Carlton Spa offers a lavish setting to indulge in relaxation and rejuvenation. The Spa features 16 treatment rooms, including two couples rooms and three facial rooms, as well as a co-ed Roman mineral bath. Guests can enjoy signature face and body treatments, including the Pumpkin Body Peel, inspired by Half Moon Bays location in the Pumpkin Capital of the World.

# # #

About The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay Situated 23 miles southwest of the San Francisco International Airport, The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay is a 261-room destination spa and golf coastal resort, and the San Francisco Bay Areas only oceanfront resort. Set atop a rugged bluff overlooking 50 miles of pristine California coastline, the timeless oceanfront estate provides guests with a relaxed yet refined experience, whether for a romantic getaway, meeting or special event. For information, please contact the resort directly at 650-712-7000. For reservations, contact your travel professional, visit or call Ritz-Carlton worldwide reservations at 800-241-3333.

About The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C., of Chevy Chase, Md., currently operates 88 hotels in the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Caribbean. More than 30 hotel and residential projects are under development around the globe. The Ritz-Carlton is the only service company to have twice earned the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award which recognizes outstanding customer service. For more information or reservations, visit the company web site at, and for the latest company updates, visit The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marriott International, Inc. (NASDAQ:MAR).

Sexual dysfunction more prevalent in men with IBD

Sexual dysfunction more prevalent in men with IBD
“The symptoms of IBD, disease complications and treatments hampers body image, sexual function and intimacy,” Aoibhlinn M. O'Toole, MD, a clinical fellow in medicine in the department of medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, said …
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Reader seeks information on erectile dysfunction
Q: Ads for erectile dysfunction drugs always warn that "if you have an erection lasting more than four hours, see a doctor." So I have to ask, what are the chances and what makes it happen? — Terry F., Sacramento, California. A: The condition is …
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SunSprite Selects Validic to Integrate Light Data into Providers Apps

Boston, MA (PRWEB) March 05, 2015

GoodLux Technology, the provider of the SunSprite light engagement solution for the treatment of depression, announced today it has selected Validic, the leading cloud-based, digital health platform for integration of SunSprite-collected bright light data into various software platforms. SunSprites capacity to measure bright light exposure impacts the clinicians and patients ability to manage depression, leading to a triple-aim effect of better patient experience, improved population health and reduced cost.

We are honored that SunSprite chose our platform for its integration with care management software, said Ryan Beckland, co-founder and CEO of Validic. By using Validic, SunSprite can quickly and accurately send its data to software platforms, enabling both clinicians and patients to be engaged in proactively managing mental health treatments impacted by light. We are very excited for the impact this device will have on the healthcare community.

The SunSprite light engagement solution delivers bright light data into the Validic digital health platform, which quickly and conveniently integrates the device with software platforms communicating with clinicians.

Validics ability to seamlessly deliver SunSprites bright light data to care platforms used by clinicians is crucial for the success of patients depression treatments and will lead to better care, said Ed Likovich, CEO of GoodLux Technology. Having to integrate once with Validic, versus multiple times for different software applications, was an easy decision as it helps us focus on the use of bright light therapy in mood disorders. Since our team will make integration publicly available in a few weeks, we are seeking pilots in healthcare organizations that plan to address depression with comorbid medical conditions.


This month on March 31st at 2:00pm EST, Validic will highlight SunSprite. To sign up, click here: The Validic webinar series features leading companies in the expanding digital health ecosystem that help healthcare and wellness companies achieve better outcomes, increase engagement and reduce per capita costs.

Validic currently supports more than 142 applications and devices, including sensors, wearables and in-home medical devices and connects a broad spectrum of healthcare organizations, including hospitals, payers, pharma, wellness companies and health IT vendors.


Validic is the healthcare industry’s leading cloud-based, digital health platform for convenient and quick access to patient data from in-home clinical devices, wearables and patient healthcare applications. By connecting its growing base of customers that includes providers, pharmaceutical companies, payers, wellness companies and health IT vendors to the continuously expanding list of digital health technologies, Validic enables healthcare companies to better coordinate care across their communities, improve their patient engagement strategies and more efficiently manage their patient populations. Validic’s innovative, scalable and FDA Class I MDDS technology delivers actionable, standardized and HIPAA-compliant consumer health data from the best in-class mobile health devices and applications. Validic’s leading global mobile health ecosystem reaches over 100 million lives and continues to grow daily. To learn more about Validic, please follow us on Twitter at @validic or visit


Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, GoodLux Technology designs, manufactures and manages the SunSprite solution, a wearable and cloud-based light management solution which engages patients to self-manage depression by effectively using bright light therapy (BLT). The GoodLux team, comprised of doctors, engineers, physicists and healthcare experts, utilizes its science background to create tangible solutions for value-driven healthcare systems. For more information, please visit or follow us @sunsprite.

More ED Treatment Press Releases

Audio-Digest Foundation Announces the Release of Urology Volume 36, Issue 07: Erectile Dysfunction

Glendale, CA (PRWEB) June 22, 2013

Audio-Digest Foundation Announces the Release of Urology Volume 36, Issue 07: Erectile Dysfunction.

The goals of this program are to improve diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) and related conditions. After hearing and assimilating this program, the clinician will be better able to:

1. Summarize the causes of and treatments for ED.

2. Diagnose a patient with suspected venous leak (VL).

3. Compare the indications and benefits of emerging treatments for VL.

4. Consider the medication list and the relevant comorbidities when designing a treatment plan for a patient with decreased libido.

5. Critically appraise the risks and limitations of nutraceutical treatments for decreased libido.

The original programs were presented by Mitchell H. Sokoloff, MD, Professor of Surgery and Chief of Urology, University of Arizona, Tucs, John Mulhall, MD, Director of the Sexual and Reproductive Medicine Program, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York City, NY, and Ryan Terlecki, MD, Assistant Professor of Urology, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston-Salem NC.

Audio-Digest Foundation, the largest independent publisher of Continuing Medical Education in the world, records over 10,000 hours of lectures every year in anesthesiology, emergency medicine, family practice, gastroenterology, general surgery, internal medicine, neurology, obstetrics/gynecology, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, otolaryngology, pediatrics, psychology, and urology, by the leading medical researchers at the top laboratories, universities, and institutions.

Recent researchers have hailed from Harvard, Cedars-Sinai, Mayo Clinic, UCSF, The University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, The University of Kansas Medical Center, The University of California, San Diego, The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, The University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and many others.

Out of these cutting-edge programs, Audio-Digest then chooses the most clinically relevant, edits them for clarity, and publishes them either every week or every two weeks.

In addition, Audio-Digest publishes subscription series in conjunction with leading medical societies: DiabetesInsight with The American Diabetes Association, ACCEL with The American College of Cardiology, Continuum Audio with The American Academy of Neurology, and Journal Watch Audio General Medicine with Massachusetts Medical Society.

For 60 years, the global medical community of doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and other medical professionals around the world has subscribed to Audio-Digest specialty series in order to remain current in their specialties as well as to maintain their Continuing Education requirements with the most cutting-edge, independent, and unbiased continuing medical education (CME).

Long a technical innovator, Audio-Digest was the first to produce audio medical education programs and the first to produce in-car medical education. Currently, its subscription and annual products are available on CD and MP3, as well as iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.

Loss of Sexual Desire in Men: Three Ways to Get Back on Track; Dr. Daniel Watter Examines Varied Causes of Loss of Sexual Desire and Offers Tips for Action

Parsippany, NJ (PRWEB) June 26, 2013

Loss of sexual desire is less common in men than it is in women. It occurs in about 15% of men compared to about 30% of women. But for those men who do have low libido it often bothers them more than it does women. Men’s feelings about themselves and their masculinity are very closely tied to their sexuality, says Dr. Daniel Watter, a specialist in treating sexual dysfunction and marital/relationship issues with The Morris Psychological Group in Parsippany, NJ, and decreased sex drive can be deeply unsettling. In one study, 46% of women with low libido reported overall satisfaction with their lives. Only half as many men 23% were happy with their lives in general when their interest in sex declined.

What constitutes low sex drive?

As with many human traits, sex drive varies widely. And even within successful committed relationships, there are times when there is a mismatch in interest between partners. The assessment of low sex drive is not based solely on frequency of sexual intimacy but on how the individual feels about it both before and after. If over a period of weeks or months a man does not look forward to and fantasize about sex with his partner, if the act does not foster feelings of closeness and intimacy and, most important, if either he or his partner is unhappy about his lack of interest, it is time to recognize and address the problem before it does serious damage to the relationship.

What can be done about loss of sexual desire? Tips for Action.

There is no single remedy for low libido, says Dr. Watter, but men don’t have to live with it. The first step toward a solution is to identify the cause of the problem for a given individual. Causes fall into three general categories: biological, emotional and relationship-based. Dr. Watter recommends these approaches:

1. See your doctor: A wide range of medical conditions and medications can adversely affect libido. Any serious illness is likely to reduce interest in sex and conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension can reduce blood flow throughout the body, impeding arousal. Disorders of the thyroid and pituitary glands, which control hormone production, can also diminish libido. The drugs known as SSRIs, commonly prescribed for depression, affect sex drive as do some tranquilizers and blood pressure medications. Excessive use of alcohol and illicit drugs also dampen interest.

Testosterone is the hormone most closely linked to libido and low testosterone levels usually correlate to diminished sexual desire. Testosterone levels drop with age and some young men have low testosterone as well. But Dr. Watter is wary of widespread use of testosterone replacement. Some studies have shown an increased risk of heart disease with testosterone therapy, he says. It is important for men to discuss testosterone replacement with their medical doctors.

2. Reduce stress: Everyday worries about a job, finances, children and relationships can cause anxiety and diminished self-esteem, which can wreak havoc with the libido, says Dr. Watter. An honest effort by both partners to face the issue and make lifestyle adjustments may be all that’s needed. For more serious psychological disturbances, such as depressive disorders or a history of sexual abuse or a dysfunctional family environment, professional help may be needed.

3. Rekindle the relationship: Problems in the bedroom may or may not be indicative of larger problems in the relationship. If an honest assessment concludes that both partners are happy overall, says Dr. Watter, there is no shortage of advice on how to regain the feelings of emotional closeness that lead to heightened intimacy and sexual satisfaction. Consultation with a mental health professional is often necessary to unblock the obstacles that interfere with connecting.

It’s important to recognize that loss of libido and erectile dysfunction are not the same thing, says Dr, Watter, but they are often linked. Men with ED generally have normal sex drive but impaired ability to get or maintain an erection due to psychological, circulatory or nerve problems. Men with loss of libido have no erectile difficulty once aroused but their interest is diminished. However, experiencing repeated instances of ED can cause anxiety that may cause a man to shut down his libido to avoid the problem. Many cases of ED can be treated with medications such as Viagra and Cialis, says Dr. Watter, which can restore a man’s confidence and his libido with it. However, many times the psychological causes of ED will need to be addressed in addition to adding medication.

The myth about men’s sexuality that they are ready to have sex at any time in any circumstances just isn’t true for most men, Dr. Watter concludes. But it is almost always the case that the root cause of loss of sexual desire can be identified and overcome. Sometimes the best solution is to seek professional help. If medical issues have been eliminated as the cause, psychological counseling or sex therapy, either for the individual or the couple, can restore the emotional connectedness needed for a successful physical relationship.

Morris Psychological Group, P.A. offers a wide range of therapy and evaluation services to adults, children and adolescents.

Daniel N. Watter, Ed.D. specializes in the treatment of individuals and couples experiencing sexual and/or relationship problems.

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Treatment always has a cost

Treatment always has a cost
Prof Carson said sexual dysfunction following prostate cancer treatment could include: erectile dysfunction (ED), anejaculation, anorgasmia, dysorgasmia or painful ejaculation, climacturia or orgasm associated urine leak, penile length decrease and …
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Five 'erection killers' you can change
Further, the extent of obesity seems correlational to the effect on your erectile function. In other words, the fatter you are, the more likely you will be affected by ED. This occurs for two main reasons. First, obese men tend to have less circulating …
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Porn and video games engender masculinity crisis in boys, says psychologist
I'm sorry if you're reading this at the wrong time of day, but we're going to be discussing porn-induced erectile dysfunction in the young. Philip Zimbardo, a Stanford psychologist, believes that it's happening and it's a symptom of a crisis. He …
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Advanced Male Medical Center Announces a Paralysis Solution

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 30, 2013

Advanced Male Medical Center is proud to announce a “Paralysis Solution” for men with spinal cord injuries who still want to continue an intimate relationship with a loved one.

Over the years, the staff at Advanced Male Medical Center has been approached by quite a number of paralyzed patients who, despite their paralysis, just wanted to have intimate relations with their partners. Dr. Jason Peterson has now successfully treated 10 paralyzed men to help restore their love lives.

One Advanced Male Medical Center patient who was helped by the “Paralysis Solution” said, “For over 10 years after my motorcycle accident, my paraplegia did not allow me to be close to my wife, to hold her and comfort her in the way that she and I needed. We coped with that, but were not happy with the situation. Now thanks to Dr. Petersen and Advanced Male Medical Center, we have the life that we had before.”

The Advanced Male Medical Center uses all FDA-approved medications. Men of all ages using medications or who have medical-related male impotence problems can be treated in one visit. Advanced Male Medical provides a dignified, professional service to each and every patient who walks into their clinic. Call Advanced Male Medical today for ED treatment at 415-868-4002.

About the company:

Advanced Male Medical Center specializes in removing the difficulties that keep men from experiencing the best sex life they can achieve. The medical clinic is devoted to treating erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculating and male impotence. Because they are dedicated solely to this medical condition of male impotence, they far exceed what an average doctor visit may be able to offer. Their trained medical staff has been treating patients with ED dysfunction and premature ejaculation for over 10 years. They understand the intense need for help and answers to a common and treatable condition. For more information, please visit their website at

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BPH Drugs Can Cause Different Problems: Impotence, Dizziness, Breast Growth, While Dr. Allens Device Treats Prostate Naturally, Reports Fine Treatment

London, Great Britain (PRWEB) July 14, 2013

Medication used to treat prostate enlargement may lead to enlarged breasts, highlights a recent article Causes and treatment of male breasts published in Business Daily on June 27, 2013. Different complications arising from mainstream prostate enlargement treatment options, such as medications and surgeries, can be avoided by using natural Dr. Allens Device for Prostate Care which treats prostate gland locally by improving blood circulation at the capillary level, Fine Treatment reveals.

The symptoms of prostate enlargement usually worsen the quality of life of men in their 60s and 70s. Men can pretty much self-diagnose prostate enlargement, says Dr. John Burgers, a Riverside Methodist Hospital urologist, quoted in a recent article, 1 in 4 men affected by benign prostate problem in The Columbus Dispatch, dated June 30, 2013. He adds, Theyll know the bathroom stops on common routes. Theyll have to urinate the minute they finish a cup of coffee.

Regarding the side effects of BPH medication, Dr. Burgers explains, Alpha blockers sometimes cause dizziness, a stuffy nose and retrograde ejaculation. Another class of drugs called 5 alpha reductase inhibitors (Avodart is one) work more slowly, over months, shrinking the prostate by preventing hormonal changes. Men who take these might have sexual side effects, including impotence and a lower libido. For that reason, patients typically start with the alpha blockers.

Treatment of chronic diseases through Dr. Allens Device: An interview with Professor Ivan G. Aghajanyan published by reviews the effectiveness of the Thermobalancing therapy with regards to urological problems: When there are no malignant processes or other deficiencies, the use of Dr. Allens Device may well be appropriate. We have already started testing the efficacy of Dr. Allens device on 10 of our patients. I should note Im using it myself, says a leading urologist Professor of Medicine Aghajanyan.

A short informative video on the treatment with Dr. Allens Device can be viewed here:

Surgical prostate treatment options can break a mans life. Mens-Health Forum on Retrograde Ejaculation after Prostate Surgery is full of devastating experiences. For example, a post of 25 June 2011 says, Do not get laser prostate surgery if you still enjoy having sex, you will not afterwards they dont tell you everything!

A mans well-being can be impaired by inevitable complications arising from long-term BPH medications and surgeries, comments Dr. Simon Allen. The side-effects-free Dr. Allens therapeutic device is able to terminate BPH, helping men to avoid complications from pills and prostate surgery.

For more details, visit Fine Treatment at

About Dr. Simon Allen and Fine Treatment:

Dr. Simon Allen, MD, PhD, is a highly experienced medical professional. His specialty is in the internal medicine. He has treated a wide range of chronic diseases, including patients after a heart attack, with kidneys problems, including kidney stones disease, prostate and spine conditions, as well as metabolic disorders. Fine Treatment exclusively offers Dr Allens devices for chronic prostatitis and BPH treatment, coronary heart disease, dissolving kidney stones, as well as back pain and sciatica relief.

Online USA Doctors Launches Cost-Effective Telemedicine Packages Focusing Exclusively On Addressing Health Problems for Men

Boston, MA (PRWEB) July 17, 2013

Online USA Doctors has created a number of telemedicine packages that are geared towards helping address various health problems for men. Apart from offering plenty of medical information regarding some of the most common conditions like erectile dysfunction and heart attacks in men, offers medical help for those who seek medical attention or would like to know more about natural ED treatment.

Dr. Shelton, co-founder and Chef Medical Adviser of Online USA Doctors is not only a USA licensed doctor but also a holistic health practitioner. Renowned for his expert disease diagnosis, he also recommends lab tests or a medical-grade prescription after an online consult that costs just $ 0.99. This pay per consult model created by Online USA Doctors is recommended for opinions on simple medical problems including answering health questions and addressing health problems for men. Dr. Shelton, a real US licensed physician and an MD online will also review the personalized files anytime.

At, patients can also video consult a doctor for just $ 39.99 per consult. This is one of the most sought after healthcare plans that are recommended for opinions on more complex medical problems. Apart from an in-depth consult that is a lot more efficient than email, video consults give patients the opportunity to connect with a US licensed physician face-to-face. Using this model, men health issues such as erectile dysfunction and heart attack that need more time and analysis can be addressed. An accurate medical diagnosis in these cases depends on a detailed understanding of male symptoms.

Apart from functioning as a male health center that offers natural ED treatment among many other things, is renowned for their Single/Family Consult and Wellness Telemedicine Plans. Apart from offering the most affordable healthcare management solutions, these plans include unlimited follow-up questions with lab tests included.

Those who need to find a doctor but are unable to meet the soaring costs of US health care can find the medical help that they seek at An affordable alternative to short term health insurance, these telehealth packages ensure direct, quick, and easy access to an MD online. Those who do not have the time and the money to find health insurance can opt for these plans that are tailored to meet all the immediate needs and requirements of people seeking medical help or medical information along with medical diagnosis.

Once a desired service is chosen, all that one has to do is submit the medical history and schedule an appointment to get expert replies and to ask follow-up questions if needed.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I just want you to know...

Name: Megan
Location: Utah, USA

OH such a bitter sweet moment for me. So much to say.....I just want you to know that I've loved every photo, picture, email, reader and comment. I just want you to know that YOU are of value. YOU make a difference. YOU are needed...
I've loved connecting through a photo with so many of you from all over the world. It's meant the "WORLD" to me! If I could personally hug, shake hands, walk in your shoes or look into the faces of each woman all over the world who has shared over the years this project has run, I WOULD! 
I just want you to know....I say THANK YOU!

Friday, April 12, 2013

I just want you to know

                                                            Name: Alisha Malandrini
                                                          Location: Bairnsdale, Australia
I just want you to know that i have really enjoyed being apart of the Iam blog team.
Every single person on the Iam team, including Megan (BrassyApple) seems to be lovely, and i thankyou for the opportunity you have given me. I wish everyone a happy and wonderful future.
Love Alisha x

Thursday, April 11, 2013

What I Should Have Said

Name: Annette
Location: Kuwait
I don't really believe that having regrets is helpful. I'm more of a peacemaker than a pot-stirrer. I only regret not addressing the issue when it could have been dealth with. The impact of not speaking up has impacted relationships and will probably continue to do so.
Best of luck, it's been lots of fun. I've loved having an opportunity to share my photos and thoughts. -AJHT

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Just Want You to Know...


I just want you to know......that it's been my absolute pleasure getting to know you all over the last eight months.  I consider myself very fortunate to have been selected for this journey!

I just want you to know....that I'll still be blogging over at the Ramsay Grace Blog, and would <3 for you to stop by!

I just want you to know....{what I want all women, all over the world to know}...that you are are are WORTH IT!

Wishing you well my friends!

Monday, April 8, 2013

I Just Want You to Know....

Name: Amanda
Location: Bandung - Indonesia

I just want you (all) to know that I'm grateful being part of this journey. Knowing you all from pictures, realizing that there's some thing that relate us somehow even with the fact that we lived world apart. Some of this theme are seems easy, but there's one or two themes that makes me think a lot. And somehow.. when I think on what pic should I post here, I know myself better. It's like an AHA moment. Thank you.. for letting me be a part of this marvelous journey.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Theme - just want you to know....

I think we probably all have those moments when we wish we could have said.....(fill in the blank) to someone before we didn't see them again. Before we left that event. Before we parted. Before it ended....

If you could say it today - what would you say? 
" I just want you to know...." 
That's our theme this week as wrap up our project for the year. It's been a great 8 months. Life is calling us to other endeavors and we are going to take the journey and see where it leads us!
BUT not before say, "I just want you to know...."

Saturday, April 6, 2013

What's in my purse?

Name: Megan
Location: Utah, USA

" I've used and transferred between 3 different purses this week so all the "junk" that usually builds up couldn't. LOL. most of the constants are here - pocket camera, notebook - always taking notes of ideas, etc. Sunglasses, lipstick, mints and business cards :) 

Friday, April 5, 2013

What's in my purse

                                                                   Name: Alisha Malandrini
                                                                Location: Bairnsdale, Australia
In my purse i always carry a camera of any type, whether it be my DSLR, my little fuji, or my smart phone. I love capturing moments of everyday life, and if i don't have a camera with me i go crazy.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

What's In My, really, what's in there?

Name: Annette
Location: Kuwait

Clockwise, from left: my favorite Fossil purse; a pile of receipts from the grocery store; underpants, shorts and wipes for my recently potty-trained son; a ribbon of unknown origin; Dramamine; my husband's necktie, my sunglasses and a wiper thing; a pouch with personal items; lipsticks; chapsticks; eyedrops (it gets dusty here); a pen that I can NEVER find when I need; a handful of photos of family; a tiny green truck; my phone (ok, that's just the case, I used the phone to take this photo); a bundle of business cards from the doctor's office, my husband's office and my eldest son's school; the brown and purple wallet that I don't really love but haven't gotten around to replacing; several photo id cards (civil identity card, Kuwait driver's license, Idaho Driver's license (with an AWESOME picture), private medical insurance card, government medical insurance card);  Kuwaiti fils (the coins) and dinars (the notes). In the center you can see two sets of keys with my Ron Weasley Lego keychain (Weasley is our king!); a small piece of beach glass for my collection; a black bat ring from Halloween and a pink plastic ring from my daughter's bling collection; an inordinate amount of sanitzing hand wipes and hand sanitizer; two packs of TERRIBLE chewing gum that a cashier recently gave me as change when he didn't have any small coins; and a string of prize coupons from a local fun place and the cards from the same.
Not pictured: several handfuls of sand and crumbs, a wad of chewing gum in a piece of tissue, twenty-thousand smaller receipts, twenty-two thousand identity cards for the children and tissue (because no matter how many packs of tissue I put in, there is never any in my purse when my kids have got drippy noses.)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What's in My Purse {one never knows}


My bag is pretty much the family's, in that at least one of them is always asking:  "Hey, could you stick this in your purse?" It's normal to find my husband's phone, or keys, or the kids' favorite toys or lip gloss, or a dozen other items.

Today, I give you all a rare glimpse into said purse.  I know, exciting stuff I'm sure!  We have the following items:  wallet, bracelet 
{that I wore to work last Thursday}, Bath & Body Works Lotion, bobby pins, kids' nail polishes, BC Powder {it works!}, and more.  Plus, you may have noticed my new craft punch {arrow} or that I have a 10% off coupon for one of my favorite shops {Mindy Mae's Market}.  I even have a Littlest Pet Shop brochure, highlighted with all the pets my oldest would like {Wasn't that sweet of make sure I knew, lol}  

So.....that's it for my purse.  What's in YOURS? 

Monday, April 1, 2013

What's in my Purse

Name: Amanda
Location: Jakarta

"Today I wear my PUMA bag (a b'day gift from my best friend). Nothing fancy in my batg actually. Most of them are the thing I need in my daily basis. Simple make up kit consist of loose powder, foundation, lipstic and lipgloss plus mascara. Wallet, pencil case , my BB, a ball of yarn (and hook) plus a case with all kind of charger. And off course.. my netbook."

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Theme - what's in my purse

Oh this is a fun one! As women we tend to carry purses. Some large some small. Sometimes they are jammed full of crazy stuff! And sometimes we just have a few items. We are going to spill the contents of our purses this week. It will be fun to see what they "reveal" about our day to day lives.

Nighttime - soap opera

Name: Audrey
Location: Curitiba, Brazil

                Carrossel is a mexican soap opera I watched (dubbed in Portuguese) when I was a kid in 1991 and that has been rewritten and retaped (with Brazilian actors now) by a Brazilian TV channel since last year. Now my daugther watches it every night and she loves it. It is about a loving teacher (professora Helena) that goes way beyond the classroom to teach good virtues to her kids in the most different, dramatic, fiction filled ways. Don't tell anyone but we cried when professora Helena left the school for a better paying job. Of course she returned to her old job about 10 chapters later...
                It really can be cute and I must admit I have learned to enjoy wathcing it again. It is on every night at 8:30 pm and she (we) can´t miss it. So, like every good Brazilian, our nighttimes include soap opera watching. But at least this is a 'good', decent one.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nighttime - reading

 Name: Megan
Location: Utah, USA
Something that is consistent around our house at nighttime is reading. We always read before bedtime. Regular trips to the library to get large stacks of books keeps it new and fun! 
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