Does Medication Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction After Radiation Therapy For

Does Medication Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction After Radiation Therapy For
The exact cause of ED is not clearly defined but it is likely attributed to penile endothelial dysfunction along with fibrosis and cavernosal hypoxia as likely mechanisms. The phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PDE-5) such as tadalafil used in this study …
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Could your mobile phone give you impotence or erectile dysfunction?
Those suffering from erectile dysfunction carried a switched-on mobile phone 4.4 hours per day on average, compared to just 1.8 hours per day for the men who did not experience impotence. (Read: 10 causes of erectile dysfunction you probably didn't …
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Alcohol & Drug Rehab St. Catharines Introduces Program to Help Adults, Adolescents Stop Cocaine Addiction

St. Catharines, Canada (PRWEB) January 13, 2014

A St. Catharines alcohol and drug rehab center is introducing a program geared toward helping adults and adolescents stop their cocaine addiction through services available at Drug Addiction Treatment Centers.

Based on facts collected from the National Anti-Drug Strategy, Cocaine and crack cocaine are addictive. There is no antidote that can reverse cocaine’s effects – an overdose can be lethal. Physical signs of snorted cocaine and crack cocaine use may include a red, chapped and runny nose. Used regularly, snorted cocaine can cause a hole in the wall between the nostrils causing frequent nosebleeds. Psychological signs of regular use include poor school and job performance and increased preoccupation with buying and preparing the drug. Short-term adverse effects of cocaine and crack cocaine use include increased blood pressure, breathing difficulties, anxiety, paranoid thinking, hallucinations and more. Long-term effects include depression, mood swings, violent behaviour, difficulty sleeping, a loss in the sense of smell, a lack of interest in food, potential impotence and more.”

Getting adults and adolescents to follow an organized plan of healing and wholeness from the destructive nature of cocaine is part of what Drug Addiction Treatment Centers does each day. From morning to night, a structure is in place that includes detox (early on), counseling, therapy, physical activity and learning about healthy eating habits.

Drug rehabilitation allows adults and adolescents a chance to get clean from their drug of choice, whether it is cocaine, heroin, marijuana, or prescription drugs. A part of this process is detoxification, cleansing out the physical body filled with mind-altering substances. Drug detoxs main goal is to rid the body of chemical toxins.

Once this process takes place, then counseling and therapeutic methods can enter into play. More times than not, there are real-life issues that a person has used drugs to hide, repress or deny within themselves. Some issues might include physical, emotional, spiritual or mental abuse. Drug rehab allows clients time to discern and figure out what is their truth around these situations.

Counselors and therapists with many years of experience in the field of substance abuse treatment and addiction can help make the transition from addiction to recovery easier. These drug rehab staff members can rely on their personal and professional experiences with addiction to offer compassion and support to recovering individuals working to overcome their addictions.

Staff and clients are able to exchange stories of shared experiences, which will let recovering individuals know they are not alone in their journey. The relationships formed between recovering individuals and staff members of the St. Catharines drug rehab center provide a strong support network that offers strength and guidance during the recovery journey, throughout the transition to life outside of treatment and as recovering

individuals adjust to sobriety.

For more information on Drug Addiction Treatment Centers, visit or call (289) 401-0102.

Help Yourself and Treat Prostate Enlargement & LUTS at Home with Dr. Allens Device Avoiding Nasty Side Effects of BPH Drugs, Recommends Fine Treatment

London, UK (PRWEB) January 21, 2014

Fine Treatment recommends Dr. Allens Device as a long-term independent treatment for enlarged prostate (BPH). Its use protects men from common health problems caused by treating this condition with BPH drugs. Having this treatment option available is especially important, highlights Fine Treatment, as a new hype promotes the combination of tamsulosin (-blocker) and dutaseride (5 reductase inhibitor) to be prescribed for life to help to ease lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS).

According to the article Combination therapy may improve urinary tract symptoms in BPH, dated January 9, 2014, a study published in the British Journal of Urology, which had lasted for 48 months, says: a combination of an -blocker (tamsulosin) and 5 reductase inhibitor (dutaseride) was shown to be superior to monotherapy for improvement in lower urinary tract symptoms for those with moderate to severe benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

However, it is worth reminding of the outcomes of another large study discussed in The New York Times article, Common Drug for Prostrate Is Ineffective, Study Finds. It stated, The first direct comparison of two main drugs approved for treating an enlarged prostate gland, a common condition in older men, has shown that one is no better than a dummy pill or placebo. But the other relieves the urinary symptoms caused as the swollen gland constricts the urethra. Furthermore, it was shown men taking Proscar (5 reductase inhibitor) alone or in combination with Hytrin (a-blocker) experienced impotence and decreased sex drive more often than those in the other two groups. Dizziness was the most frequent side effect of Hytrin and was experienced by 79, or 26 percent, of the 305 men who took it in the study.

Sadly, men do suffer from the side effects of prostate drugs tremendously. Addressing this pressing issue in 2011, the FDA required the label of all 5-alpha reductase drugs, including Propecia, to carry the warning about the increased risk of high-grade prostate cancer, while the latest lawsuit case against Avodart manufacturer, Case No. D193-889, filed on February 4, 2013 in Jefferson County District Court, raises the profile of the matter.

In contrast to medications, Dr. Allens therapeutic device improves the condition of the prostate gland naturally by enhancing blood circulation at the capillary level. No magnets or batteries are involved. This video gives more details about the enlarged prostate treatment with Dr Allens Device for Prostate Care:

Its not right to subject a man with enlarged prostate to taking BPH drugs for the rest of his life, comments Dr. Simon Allen. In most cases, the Thermobalancing therapy will work well. The users of Dr. Allens Device do achieve a notable lower urinary tract symptoms relief naturally as they terminate and ultimately reverse BPH.

For details, please visit Fine Treatment at

About Dr. Simon Allen and Fine Treatment:

Dr. Simon Allen, MD, PhD, Academician, member of the ATA, is a highly experienced medical professional. His specialty is in internal medicine. He has treated a wide range of chronic diseases, including patients after a heart attack, with kidneys problems, including kidney stones disease, prostate and spine conditions, as well as metabolic disorders.

Fine Treatment ensures international availability of Dr. Allens Devices for chronic prostatitis and BPH treatment, coronary heart disease, dissolving kidney stones, as well as upper and lower back pain and sciatica relief.

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Op-ed: Cure to 'Affluenza' is bitter pill to swallow

Op-ed: Cure to 'Affluenza' is bitter pill to swallow
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Can Drugs Prevent ED From Prostate Cancer Treatment?
Daily prophylactic use of the erectile dysfunction (ED) drug tadalafil (Cialis, Eli Lily) did not prevent loss of erectile function any better than placebo among men who underwent radiation therapy for prostate cancer, according to new study results …
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Erectile Dysfunction: Exercise Can Save the Johnson, Literally

Erectile Dysfunction: Exercise Can Save the Johnson, Literally
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Porn causing erectile dysfunction in young men
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Reverse Erectile Dysfunction with Lifestyle Changes
Men suffering from sexual dysfunction can be successful at reversing their problem by focusing on lifestyle factors and not just relying on medication, according to researchers at University of Adelaide. “From a clinical point of view, the inability of …
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Lifestyle Changes May Reverse Erectile Dysfunction
Man (Photo : Researchers from the University of Adelaide in Australia found that men suffering from sexual dysfunction can be successful at reversing their problem by focusing on lifestyle factors and not just relying on medication …
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New High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Minimally-Invasive Treatment for Prostate Cancer Pioneered by Dr. Michael Lazar Soon to Be Approved by FDA for Use in the U.S.

SANTA ROSA, California (PRWEB) February 23, 2014

HIFU technology achieves pinpoint accuracy using an acoustic scalpel that destroys prostate cancer, while sparing healthy tissue and preserving nerves, urine flow and erectile function in a majority of cases compared with traditional procedures.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of HIFU is expected following a study involving 100 men with prostate cancer recurrence after radiation. HIFU is eradicating cancer in 70 to 72 percent of these cases, compared with cryosurgery (freezing) that historically cures about 40 percent. HIFU success rates are higher in men with previously untreated cancer. The next step will be to seek a U.S. extension of the new HIFU process to non-radiation patients.

Twenty years ago I attended a lecture sponsored by the American Urological Association telling us that HIFU would be the future for our profession. Now we are on the brink of seeing this procedure accepted, said Dr. Lazar, an adult and pediatric urology specialist with Northern California Medical Associates, and principal of California HIFU with offices located at 1140 Sonoma Avenue, Suite A, in Santa Rosa.

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men behind lung cancer. The American Cancer Society estimated that about 238,590 new cases of prostate cancer would be diagnosed in 2013 and about 29,720 men would die of this disease. Approximately one man in six will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime, and one in 36 will die as a result. Prostate cancer is rare before age 40. The average age at the time of diagnosis is about 67.

The oncological results for HIFU are broadly comparable to radical surgery or radiation but the side effects are less, especially with regard to incontinence and erectile dysfunction. There is almost no pain or blood loss. The treatment is quick and virtually painless following spinal or general anesthesia that wears off in just a few hours, Dr. Lazar said. If the procedure is performed in the morning, a patient is typically up and around by dinnertime and can often return to normal activity within a few days without the use of pain killers.

HIFU 2-2-2-2

Temple Smith, one of Dr. Lazars patients, knew that prostate cancer ran in his family. His uncle died of it and his twin brother also had it. His brother underwent a prostatectomy that kept him in bed three to four days, and today he is incontinent.

When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I had the HIFU procedure. Last October marked my fifth anniversary after having this treatment and there has been no cancer recurrence. If you have prostate cancer and the resources to get the HIFU treatment get it done, Mr. Smith said.

According to Dr. Lazar, HIFU is the only non-radiation technology that requires no direct contact with the target organ while accurately zeroing-in on selected portions or destroying the entire gland. No other form of treatment gives a surgeon such precise control without damaging surrounding tissue aided by simultaneous ultrasound visual tracking.

Other prostate cancer treatment options include radical surgery, radiation, hormonal and chemo/immunotherapy. Besides the usual risks of incontinence and erectile dysfunction, radiation can cause chromosomal changes that result in cancer of the bladder and rectum.

Dr. Lazar has performed approximately 100 successful HIFH procedures on patients who volunteer to fly south of the border. Most months for the past seven years I have traveled to Puerto Vallarta for a long weekend of outpatient procedures at a U.S. Joint Commission approved bilingual hospital. I also serve as an HIFU instructor, am one of three FDA study proctors and have aided other doctors who have treated over 200 patients to date.

In the Western Hemisphere, the HIFU procedure is also conducted in Bermuda, Canada, Cancun and Nassau. Some 15 years of data have been compiled from Japan, 10-12 years from the UK/Germany/Italy, and nine years from Canada focusing on the HIFU procedure and results.

Another patient of Dr. Lazar is San Francisco business owner Harlow Plimpton, who had the HIFU procedure in 2011. Before the therapy my PSA level was between 6 and 7. Following the treatment my PSA dropped to 0.1. I did not experience any side effects or incontinence. I went to the Puerto Vallarta clinic at 7:30 a.m. and walked out three to four hours later to tour the city. The doctors offered me Cialis and Viagra, but I didnt need it. Since then Ive been looking for a downside, but frankly, I havent found any.

The HIFU procedure costs approximately $ 25,000, compared with robotic prostatectomy and some forms of radiation therapy that can range in cost from $ 40,000 to $ 60,000. While a few U.S. insurance companies have covered HIFU, coverage is sporadic at this time.

Within the U.S., the American Medical Association creates Current Procedural Terminology codes (CPT) for doctors to use for billing and insurance purposes. As yet, no CPT code has been established for HIFU. Meanwhile I tell my patients the cost is like buying a car, and many take out a home equity loan which may be tax deductible,” Dr. Lazar said.

Dr. Lazar has been certified by SonaCare Medical, LLC, a global leader in minimally invasive HIFU technologies, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. SonaCare Medical, through its subsidiary Focus Surgery, Inc., of Indianapolis, manufactures HIFU systems, such as Sonablate

Hearing Professionals at Hearing Aid Associates Expand Tinnitus Treatment Options Available in Lancaster, PA

Lancaster, PA (PRWEB) March 18, 2014

Ringing in the ears (tinnitus) is a hearing ailment that impacts approximately fifty million US citizens between 60 and 75 years of age. More common in men than women, the principal characteristic of ringing ears is hearing tones which no one else can hear. Tinnitus often indicates a condition taking place within the four portions of the auditory system – the outer ear, the middle ear, the inner ear, and the brain – and consequently is more of a sign of other conditions than just a disease in itself. Tinnitus more frequently appears as a co-symptom related to other kinds of either conductive or sensorineural hearing loss, as opposed to being a kind of hearing loss by itself. In addition, because tinnitus fills the ears with a continuous base level of ever-present sound, it diminishes the absolute threshold of hearing and means it is challenging to listen to weak sounds “over” the constant buzzing or ringing.

The hearing health professionals at Hearing Aid Associates in Lancaster PA are constantly investigating new tinnitus treatment options to make them locally available. Tinnitus cure research is a very active field with many studies and research trials completed annually. This means that long-time tinnitus sufferers may not always be aware of the current options available. Hearing Aid Associates takes pride in offering the most up-to-date tinnitus treatments in Lancaster PA. To better disseminate tinnitus therapy information they’ve compiled a list of tinnitus treatments on their website and often blog about fresh developments in the field of tinnitus research. Readers interested in further details about the treatments listed below are encouraged to visit the website at or call for an appointment.

Hearing aids. People with tinnitus generally also have some amount of hearing loss. Hearing aids create a double benefit of improving hearing and covering up the tinnitus. Partial or complete respite from tinnitus symptoms is achievable with hearing aids.

Counseling and Relaxation. Learning how to relax is very helpful if the noise in your ears irritates you. Stress makes tinnitus seem worse. Counseling can be appropriate when tinnitus leads to depression, anxiety or other psychiatric problems.

Maskers. A tinnitus masker is a tiny electronic device that generates sounds of its own to cover up (or mask) the tinnitus. Tinnitus maskers are an excellent option for many people, providing relief from the tinnitus. However, they have been known to affect comprehension of speech.

Drug Therapies. Medications and drug therapies have two roles to play in tinnitus treatment. Some medications offer direct reduction in the tinnitus symptoms whilst others are meant to target the depression and powerful emotions affiliated with tinnitus.

About Hearing Aid Associates:

Hearing Aid Associates is one of the most reputed hearing healthcare service providers in Pennsylvania with nine locations. Hearing Aid Associates has provided hearing aids to the Southeastern Pennsylvania area and its surrounding communities for over 10 years. The company offers a full range of diagnostic and preventative hearing healthcare professional services, including hearing aid screening, evaluations, hearing aids sales and rehabilitative and preventative counseling. The staff is dedicated to keeping abreast of the latest improvements in technological advancements in the hearing industry and is committed to offering the most current options to our patients. There are currently 9 Hearing Aid Associates locations in Boyertown, Cleona, Kennett Square, Lemoyne, Palmyra, Phoenixville, Pottstown, Reading, Lancaster.


Ed Grabarek

Hearing Aid Associates

115 E. Main St

Palmyra, PA 17078

(717) 473-4160

Hearing Aid Associates

6 Hearthstone Ct, Suite 105

Reading, PA 19606

(610) 816-6024

Hearing Aid Associates

1610 Medical Dr, Ste 103

Pottstown, PA 19464

(610) 482-4164

Hearing Aid Associates

1220 Valley Forge Rd., Suite 1B

Phoenixville, PA 19460

(484) 985-4029

Hearing Aid Associates

35 North Walnut St

Boyertown, PA 19512

(484) 334-2595

Hearing Aid Associates

1520 Commerce Drive,

Lancaster, PA


(717) 207-8706

Hearing Aid Associates

211 West Penn Avenue

Cleona, PA 17042

(717) 685-4115

Hearing Aid Associates

305 W State St #2

Kennett Square PA 19348


Hearing Aid Associates

20 N. 12th St., Suite 341

Lemoyne, PA 17043

(610) 816-6020

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

I just want you to know...

Name: Megan
Location: Utah, USA

OH such a bitter sweet moment for me. So much to say.....I just want you to know that I've loved every photo, picture, email, reader and comment. I just want you to know that YOU are of value. YOU make a difference. YOU are needed...
I've loved connecting through a photo with so many of you from all over the world. It's meant the "WORLD" to me! If I could personally hug, shake hands, walk in your shoes or look into the faces of each woman all over the world who has shared over the years this project has run, I WOULD! 
I just want you to know....I say THANK YOU!

Friday, April 12, 2013

I just want you to know

                                                            Name: Alisha Malandrini
                                                          Location: Bairnsdale, Australia
I just want you to know that i have really enjoyed being apart of the Iam blog team.
Every single person on the Iam team, including Megan (BrassyApple) seems to be lovely, and i thankyou for the opportunity you have given me. I wish everyone a happy and wonderful future.
Love Alisha x

Thursday, April 11, 2013

What I Should Have Said

Name: Annette
Location: Kuwait
I don't really believe that having regrets is helpful. I'm more of a peacemaker than a pot-stirrer. I only regret not addressing the issue when it could have been dealth with. The impact of not speaking up has impacted relationships and will probably continue to do so.
Best of luck, it's been lots of fun. I've loved having an opportunity to share my photos and thoughts. -AJHT

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Just Want You to Know...


I just want you to know......that it's been my absolute pleasure getting to know you all over the last eight months.  I consider myself very fortunate to have been selected for this journey!

I just want you to know....that I'll still be blogging over at the Ramsay Grace Blog, and would <3 for you to stop by!

I just want you to know....{what I want all women, all over the world to know}...that you are are are WORTH IT!

Wishing you well my friends!

Monday, April 8, 2013

I Just Want You to Know....

Name: Amanda
Location: Bandung - Indonesia

I just want you (all) to know that I'm grateful being part of this journey. Knowing you all from pictures, realizing that there's some thing that relate us somehow even with the fact that we lived world apart. Some of this theme are seems easy, but there's one or two themes that makes me think a lot. And somehow.. when I think on what pic should I post here, I know myself better. It's like an AHA moment. Thank you.. for letting me be a part of this marvelous journey.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Theme - just want you to know....

I think we probably all have those moments when we wish we could have said.....(fill in the blank) to someone before we didn't see them again. Before we left that event. Before we parted. Before it ended....

If you could say it today - what would you say? 
" I just want you to know...." 
That's our theme this week as wrap up our project for the year. It's been a great 8 months. Life is calling us to other endeavors and we are going to take the journey and see where it leads us!
BUT not before say, "I just want you to know...."

Saturday, April 6, 2013

What's in my purse?

Name: Megan
Location: Utah, USA

" I've used and transferred between 3 different purses this week so all the "junk" that usually builds up couldn't. LOL. most of the constants are here - pocket camera, notebook - always taking notes of ideas, etc. Sunglasses, lipstick, mints and business cards :) 

Friday, April 5, 2013

What's in my purse

                                                                   Name: Alisha Malandrini
                                                                Location: Bairnsdale, Australia
In my purse i always carry a camera of any type, whether it be my DSLR, my little fuji, or my smart phone. I love capturing moments of everyday life, and if i don't have a camera with me i go crazy.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

What's In My, really, what's in there?

Name: Annette
Location: Kuwait

Clockwise, from left: my favorite Fossil purse; a pile of receipts from the grocery store; underpants, shorts and wipes for my recently potty-trained son; a ribbon of unknown origin; Dramamine; my husband's necktie, my sunglasses and a wiper thing; a pouch with personal items; lipsticks; chapsticks; eyedrops (it gets dusty here); a pen that I can NEVER find when I need; a handful of photos of family; a tiny green truck; my phone (ok, that's just the case, I used the phone to take this photo); a bundle of business cards from the doctor's office, my husband's office and my eldest son's school; the brown and purple wallet that I don't really love but haven't gotten around to replacing; several photo id cards (civil identity card, Kuwait driver's license, Idaho Driver's license (with an AWESOME picture), private medical insurance card, government medical insurance card);  Kuwaiti fils (the coins) and dinars (the notes). In the center you can see two sets of keys with my Ron Weasley Lego keychain (Weasley is our king!); a small piece of beach glass for my collection; a black bat ring from Halloween and a pink plastic ring from my daughter's bling collection; an inordinate amount of sanitzing hand wipes and hand sanitizer; two packs of TERRIBLE chewing gum that a cashier recently gave me as change when he didn't have any small coins; and a string of prize coupons from a local fun place and the cards from the same.
Not pictured: several handfuls of sand and crumbs, a wad of chewing gum in a piece of tissue, twenty-thousand smaller receipts, twenty-two thousand identity cards for the children and tissue (because no matter how many packs of tissue I put in, there is never any in my purse when my kids have got drippy noses.)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What's in My Purse {one never knows}


My bag is pretty much the family's, in that at least one of them is always asking:  "Hey, could you stick this in your purse?" It's normal to find my husband's phone, or keys, or the kids' favorite toys or lip gloss, or a dozen other items.

Today, I give you all a rare glimpse into said purse.  I know, exciting stuff I'm sure!  We have the following items:  wallet, bracelet 
{that I wore to work last Thursday}, Bath & Body Works Lotion, bobby pins, kids' nail polishes, BC Powder {it works!}, and more.  Plus, you may have noticed my new craft punch {arrow} or that I have a 10% off coupon for one of my favorite shops {Mindy Mae's Market}.  I even have a Littlest Pet Shop brochure, highlighted with all the pets my oldest would like {Wasn't that sweet of make sure I knew, lol}  

So.....that's it for my purse.  What's in YOURS? 

Monday, April 1, 2013

What's in my Purse

Name: Amanda
Location: Jakarta

"Today I wear my PUMA bag (a b'day gift from my best friend). Nothing fancy in my batg actually. Most of them are the thing I need in my daily basis. Simple make up kit consist of loose powder, foundation, lipstic and lipgloss plus mascara. Wallet, pencil case , my BB, a ball of yarn (and hook) plus a case with all kind of charger. And off course.. my netbook."

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Theme - what's in my purse

Oh this is a fun one! As women we tend to carry purses. Some large some small. Sometimes they are jammed full of crazy stuff! And sometimes we just have a few items. We are going to spill the contents of our purses this week. It will be fun to see what they "reveal" about our day to day lives.

Nighttime - soap opera

Name: Audrey
Location: Curitiba, Brazil

                Carrossel is a mexican soap opera I watched (dubbed in Portuguese) when I was a kid in 1991 and that has been rewritten and retaped (with Brazilian actors now) by a Brazilian TV channel since last year. Now my daugther watches it every night and she loves it. It is about a loving teacher (professora Helena) that goes way beyond the classroom to teach good virtues to her kids in the most different, dramatic, fiction filled ways. Don't tell anyone but we cried when professora Helena left the school for a better paying job. Of course she returned to her old job about 10 chapters later...
                It really can be cute and I must admit I have learned to enjoy wathcing it again. It is on every night at 8:30 pm and she (we) can´t miss it. So, like every good Brazilian, our nighttimes include soap opera watching. But at least this is a 'good', decent one.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nighttime - reading

 Name: Megan
Location: Utah, USA
Something that is consistent around our house at nighttime is reading. We always read before bedtime. Regular trips to the library to get large stacks of books keeps it new and fun! 
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