Monday, February 28, 2011

February - did you know?

The launch and first month of the I AM MORE blog was a huge success! And that is all due to YOU!

I can't say thank you enough. I can't express in words how touched and overwhelmed I was to receive so many emails and all the heartfelt messages that accompanied them. My "hope" was to be able to get enough participants to be able to post 1 photo a day Monday - Friday. Let's face it, this is a new blog, a new concept and I honestly I was not sure how well it would be received and if anyone would actually jump on board.

Did you know - I received enough photos to post 3 every day, 7 days a week and some days I even posted 4 photos?

Did you know - I received photos from 21 US States and also from England, Germany, Singapore, the Dutch Caribbean, Canada and Switzerland? Thank you.

**Did you know - I need everyone reading this to submit a photo for March's theme Survivor. Yes I am talking to you ;)  This blog continues to go on and thrive only by your participation. I look forward finding out your story through your photos.**

psst....did you know that the woman behind the Brassy Apple blog is also the woman behind this one? Had some people that didn't realize the connection this week. you know :)

I am Love....Generations

Name: Mona
Location: California, USA

"This is Paisley Rose kissing her brand new baby brother Wyatt Easton for the first time.
This is our first 5 generation of women, I am so thankful this photo was taken it was our first and only photo of all of us together before Grandmother Woodard passed." - Mona

I am Love....Each other

Name: Dawn
Location: Massachusetts

"Perfect winter here if you love snow-my girls are loving it and each other." - Dawn

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I am Love.....Exact

Name: Julie
Location: Texas, USA

"Laci (my daughter) is sitting in the exact spot where my now husband asked me to marry him in June 2002. To date we have been together 9 years 10 months and in October of this year we will celebrate our eight year anniversary. Laci our daugher will be four next month and is the light of our lives. I couldn't have been happier to have taken Laci's picture in the exact spot where we got engaged!" 
- Julie

I am Love....Smooch

 Name: Amy
Location: Kentucky, USA

"An old favorite...I had just gotten the remote for my camera and wanted to be *in* the photo for a change. Still couldn't resist giving my sweet boy a smooch." - Amy

I am Love....Even More

 Name: Kristen
Location: California, USA

"Love is...finding out that there is always room to love even more..." - Kristen

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am Love....Adoration

Name: Aileen
Location: California, USA

"I love the way my 17 month old adores his daddy and I love watching them together. I snapped this photo yesterday while we were out for a walk in the snow. The happy look on his face says it all." - Aileen

I am Love.....Gift

Name: Alida
Location: North Carolina, USA

"The love of a Grandmother is one of God's most precious gifts.  This is my mother-in-law with our newest addition, baby Elinor" - Alida

I am Love....Inseparable

Name: Bree
Location: Texas, USA

"Brothers. Completely inseparable." - Bree

I am Love....Copilot

 Name: Nicki
Location, Arizona, USA

"This photo captures my daughter and I creating a heart. I call her copilot, and, she's my mini-me and my everything." - Nicki

Friday, February 25, 2011

I am Love....Spontaneous

Name: Sara
Location: Arizona, USA

"Spontaneous brotherly love." - Sara

I am Love.....Best buddies

 Name: Marcia
Location: Ohio, USA

"Cat nappin'. Our big guy Max took a while to warm up to the little orange kitten we brought home. Pretty soon though we started finding Max and Charlie curled up like this. Now they're best buddies!" - Marcia

I am Love....Chocolate

Name: Emily
Location: Utah, USA

"No explanation necessary (unless you’re one of the rare few who don’t love chocolate). I mean, we’re talking a homemade triple-layer chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting. It’s true love, plain and simple (and delicious)." - Emily

I am Love.....Second

Name: Shelley
Location: Iowa, USA

"This is a photo I took of a friend of mine when she was pregnant with her second child. I liked the shape of the heart she made with her hands on her belly!" - Shelley

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am Love....First thing

Name: Kendra
Location: Arizona, USA

"This was taken first thing in the morning on my son's second day of life." - Kendra

I am Love.....Engaged

Name: Melinda
Location: Utah, USA

"Engaged and Enlove!" - Melinda

I am a Rock

Name: Gay
Location: Texas, USA

"When my children were much smaller we would go out searching for rocks to paint for our rock garden.  Through the years the rocks have scattered about but this one seems to rest quietly near a tree." - Gay

I am Love....Between

Name: Peg
Location: New York, USA

"This picture captures the love between 18month old Bella and 3 month old Stella.  Stella's binky fell out and Bella is putting it back!" - Peg

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am Love....Care

Name: Amanda
Location: California, USA

"So sweet to see my daughter care for her little brother so much, just melts my heart!" - Amanda

I am Love.....Comfort

 Name: Hannah
Location: Bayern, Germany

"The day before my wedding I was tired from moving and preparing the wedding venue, worried about marrying in a foreign land and feeling anything but the beautiful blushing Bride. I thought I was the one in need of comfort but when I look at this snapshot I realise that he needed me too and we will love and hold each other up forever." - Hannah

I am Love....Cherish

Name: Amy
Location: Indiana, USA 

"Even though this picture is almost 3 years old, it's still a favorite of mine. Sharing the sweet moment with my daughter a few months before our son was born is one that I'll cherish forever. True love." 
- Amy

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am Love.....Looking forward

Name: Reginia
Location: Georgia, USA

"Love is celebrating your 18th Wedding Anniversary with your True love and looking forward to many more!" - Reginia

I am Love....Happy

Name: Jill
Location: Utah, USA

"Big brother meets baby brother.
Three weeks later he was heard saying to his baby brother,
"When I'm sad, you make me happy." - Jill

I am Love....Cuddles

Name: Emily Jane
Location: Ohio, USA

"Love of books, cuddles, and time on Momma's lap. I am totally in love with my baby boy and love to sit close enough to him to drink in his smell." - Emily Jane

Monday, February 21, 2011

I am Love....Ruby

Name: Kelli
Location: Pacific Northwest, USA

"Our daughter hugging her new puppy Ruby on the car ride home." - Kelli

I am Love....Big Sis

Name: Lauren
Location: Alabama, USA

"Big sis is loving on her little brother. Breaks my heart and makes me so happy at the same time!" 
- Lauren

I am Love....Recreate

Name: Tracy
Location: Texas, USA

"I am a beginner photographer who was asked to take some family photos.  This husband and wife wanted to recreate a photo of when they first met and were walking hand in hand." - Tracy

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Not the TV show Survivor, but I AM a Survivor of........

The theme for March is Survivor. 

Send in your photos that have captured or show events, moments, objects and/or YOU relating to this Survival theme. We all have survived something in our life. Whether it's an everyday struggle to a life changing event.

Have you "Survived" a bad day? What about other daily milestones - Moving, raising a teenager, raising twins/triplets, childbirth, school, renovating, deployment, training or even financially.

Photo courtesy of Shelly 

"There are so many pictures that can fit into this category! But pretty much, if I can survive THIS mess... then I feel like I've accomplished a LOT in a day :)" - Shelley


Or does your Survivor Story go deeper. Have you Survived a tragedy, loss, death, loss of limb, sickness, disease, major surgery, etc.

Photo courtesy of Amelia

"I survived spinal fusion and emotional alignment.  The photo you see is proof that when things look and feel the worst, deciding to survive, makes it so" - Amelia 

Maybe you haven't captured your Survivor moment in a photo yet or thought of capturing it. Maybe your Survival story isn't over yet. But whether it's everyday stuff or something more monumental, it's your history. It's part of YOU and maybe it's needs to be captured in a photo at least once. Remember by sharing we never know who we may help, strengthen or relate too.

**Please don't forget the submission guidelines. You can start sending in your photos anytime. I will start posting on March 1st. **

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I am Love....Present

Name: Michaelle
Location: Missouri, USA

"This photo is of my son, Logan who just turned 8 on Feb 10th. He is my Valentine's present every year!" - Michaelle

I am Love....extra-Ordinary

Name: Jen
Location: Arizona, USA

"One day this winter as I was preparing some potato soup for my sick husband I came across this lovely spud. There is something about finding the sacred in the ordinary that is very uplifting to me." 
- Jen

I am Love....Inheritance

Name: Deborah
Location: Arkansas, USA

"My inheritance.  My inspiration." - Deborah

Friday, February 18, 2011

I am Love....Rare

 Name: Alicia
Location: Pennsylvania, USA

"My most favorite picture of our children. A rare moment of sibling love" - Alicia

I am Love....daughters

Name: Jan
Location: California, USA

"My loving daughters" - Jan 
Photo taken 25 years apart

I am Love....Love Note

Name: Gabrielle
Location: New York, USA

"I couldn't resist snapping a shot of this little 'love note' that my daughter created for me with her after-school snack." - Gabrielle

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I am Love....Baby Love

 Name: Schona
Location: Washington State, USA

"This little guys Aunt brought this onesie back from NY for him. I guess he is upset that she didn't take him with her! lol" - Schona

I am Love....Siblings

Name: Kim
Location: Georgia, USA

"It's always a great moment when you can capture the love between siblings.  It's so much easier to catch them fussing..." - Kim

I am Love....Grandmothering

Name: Jill
Location: Utah, USA

"When my sweet granddaughter turned 6 two months ago I gave her best friends cupcake necklaces.
She will still call me some mornings to make sure I'm wearing mine that day.
"Grandmothering" greatest JOY!" - Jill

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am Love....Baby Brother

 Name: Jayne
Location: Basildon, Essex, England

"My beautiful granddaughter Mia and her baby brother Isaac.  She is totally in LOVE with him." - Jayne

I am Love....Homecoming

Name: Amber
Location: Montana, USA

"This is the reaction of my son seeing his dad at the airport after my husband's one year deployment to Iraq. Can you feel the love?" - Amber

I am Love....Close

Name: Molly
Location: North Carolina, USA

"My sweet little family last July 4TH playing with sparklers and letting the chickens run around the yard. I love that my family is close to each other!" - Molly

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am Love....Kiss

Name: Tara
Location: Nevada, USA

"All I wanna do in the rain is KISS that sweet man 'o mine! - Tara

I am Love....Melted

Name: Cindy
Location: Michigan, USA

" 13 year old son making me a sandwich for lunch one day.  He cut 
my sandwich into the heart shape, something I had never seen before.  It totally melted my heart...." - Cindy

I am Love....turning 1

Name: Tifani
Location: Arizona, USA

"I love that my daughter (Brynlee) who was born 2 months early is turning one on the 27th of this month!" - Tifani

Monday, February 14, 2011

I am Love....Ever After

Location: New York, USA

"5 years later, still living happily ever after. This is one of the last pics of our wedding photo shoot that we took leaving." - Sarabeth

I am Love....together

Name: Jaime
Location: Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

"I LOVE this sweet moment I captured between my husband and our son.  We cherish our quiet, afternoon walks together as a family." - Jaime

I am Love....Squeeze

Name: Lisa
Location: Georgia, USA

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I am Love....Showered

Name: Rebecca
Location: Dutch Caribbean

"This art project I did with kids the other night has created quite the buzz in our home. Our little shower of {LOVE} notes has quickly turned into quite the downpour of kind words & Valentine's wishes." - Rebecca
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