Sunday, October 28, 2012

I am ME - "Curitibana"

I am natural of Curitiba PR Brazil, a southern city known for having the 4 seasons expressed in just one day. We wake up to cold, melt by midday and freeze again at night. That is where I was born, and I guess I learned to like it.


  1. It's good that it cools down at night, so you can get a good nights sleep. Lovely photo

  2. Kinda fun, experiencing 4 season in a day :D

  3. How unique. Is it like this everyday, or just at a certain time of year? I've heard that Brazil is absolutely breathtaking and hope to one day experience it firsthand. Our weather is a bit similar in that we will have temperatures in the 30's one day, and back up to the 70's the next. We definitely have to layer the clothing. So glad you shared as I love hearing more about these far away lands. :-)


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