Monday, October 29, 2012

My Town and it's Local Train

Name: Amanda
Location: Tangerang Selatan - Indonesia

"We call it, Langsam. A super duper cheap economy train. Crowded; Noisy; Hot; Dark (during the night), you can find it all here. Is that all?? NO!! Here you can also find 'Girl Power' and 'Heroes'. Single mom who sells steamed sweet potato and nuts. An old lady who sells traditional snack from Rangkas called lepet, blind couple and a guitar who sing beautifully and many other stories. Inside this old train, you'll find a life."


  1. how cool! love that picked this. It's fun to see a peek into where someone lives! and thanks for the description too!

    1. Thanks Megan. It's all because of you since asked me (us) to be brave with these themes and picture.

      Honestly it's quite a challenge. So.. thank you ^_^

  2. I love that you gave a description of what the train is like. When I lived in China, they had a similar type train and you're right: hot, noisy, etc. It was a very interesting experience and we learned a lot from it. It's always fun learning more about other Countries and cultures. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Trinity ^_^

      Hope I can learn from you ladies too.


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