Monday, April 8, 2013

I Just Want You to Know....

Name: Amanda
Location: Bandung - Indonesia

I just want you (all) to know that I'm grateful being part of this journey. Knowing you all from pictures, realizing that there's some thing that relate us somehow even with the fact that we lived world apart. Some of this theme are seems easy, but there's one or two themes that makes me think a lot. And somehow.. when I think on what pic should I post here, I know myself better. It's like an AHA moment. Thank you.. for letting me be a part of this marvelous journey.


  1. I love this picture. What is this of?

    1. It's a small garden in a restaurant around Bandung City. The interior is so traditional. We can choose to dine on dining table (and chair) or in a place called saung. We choose to eat in saung and this pic is what I see from where I sat. Near to it there's an artificial pond with lots of KOI in it.


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