Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What's in My Purse {one never knows}


My bag is pretty much the family's, in that at least one of them is always asking:  "Hey, could you stick this in your purse?" It's normal to find my husband's phone, or keys, or the kids' favorite toys or lip gloss, or a dozen other items.

Today, I give you all a rare glimpse into said purse.  I know, exciting stuff I'm sure!  We have the following items:  wallet, bracelet 
{that I wore to work last Thursday}, Bath & Body Works Lotion, bobby pins, kids' nail polishes, BC Powder {it works!}, and more.  Plus, you may have noticed my new craft punch {arrow} or that I have a 10% off coupon for one of my favorite shops {Mindy Mae's Market}.  I even have a Littlest Pet Shop brochure, highlighted with all the pets my oldest would like {Wasn't that sweet of her....to make sure I knew, lol}  

So.....that's it for my purse.  What's in YOURS? 


  1. My children always want to bring things with them when we go place. Then I end up with everything in my purse. Right now all that is in mine, is protein bars for my Hypoglycemic daughter, wallet, keys, tissue, tampax, and to many grocery receipts to count.

    1. lol, I can ABSOLUTELY relate! My girls do the exact same thing, so I end up with tiny purses, inside my big purse. Just another thing for mom to keep up with, right? It makes me feel better to know that, one day, they'll be going through the same things with their kids. In fact, maybe when I'm old and senile, I'll get them all to carry my purse, lol. :-)


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