Question 1: Who posts on what days? 
We each have a specific day we post on. Here is the schedule we follow:
MONDAY - Amanda (Indonesia)
TUESDAY - Trinity (Mississippi - USA)
WEDNESDAY - Amy (Holland)
THURSDAY - Annette (Kuwait)
FRIDAY - Alisha (Australia)
SATURDAY - Megan (Utah - USA)
SUNDAY - Audrey (Brazail) + we will introduce the next theme for the coming week

Question 2: How did you choose the ladies who are participating?
I (megan) put a call on my business Facebook page (brassy apple) and also in my monthly newsletter. I had lots of women interested and when I sent out all the details and information I had a handful left that were able to and excited about the year long challenge!

Question 3: Can I share this blog with my friends?
Yes please! The more that know the more we can connect with women from all over. You can share by grabbing a blog button (snag one on the right sidebar), you can blog about, give it a tweet, give it a pin on Pinterest or post about it on Facebook. PLUS you can follow this blog too (yes we love followers).

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