The Story

Have your ever had idea strike you like lighting?

Have you ever felt compelled to do or create something that felt bigger than yourself, that there was a driving force behind it that wasn't your own? 

That is how this blog got started. The idea came to me out of no where while I was traveling out of town. Details began flowing in behind it in a matter of seconds. I began writing it down as quickly as I could. The compelling feeling associated with the idea to start this blog were almost overwhelming. I was puzzled. I didn't need another blog to keep up with. I didn't need to take on another project. I did however want to jump on it right away with the excitement of a fresh idea still running through me. 

THEN - self doubt quickly crept in. Why should I do this? What would people think? Would it even be successful? Would anyone even want to participate? and on and on and on......

Self doubt aside, I couldn't shake the feelings that rushed through me when the idea had first come and the fact that this idea had just fell into my lap. A friend reminded me of a great quote by Vincent van Gogh - 

So I moved forward.

I felt the tug inside to share bits of my life. To connect through photos with other women and what they wanted to share - to be seen, to create, to capture life, to capture the everyday. To connect, to uplift to embrace, to empower and to relate - all through a single colorful snapshot.

That is the why. That is the reason. I hope you will join me on this new adventure.

To learn even more, please see the ABOUT page.
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