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Interested in finding out more about the 7 women who share photos each week? Here are the wonderful ladies from around the globe who will be posting for a year from October 2012 - October 2013.


Location: Indonesia
age: 30 years old

A coffee, rain and rainbow lover who's still single in her 30th age. I was born n raised in Jakarta. Never been abroad but I have visited some other city in my country. I love reading, blogging and crafting. And sometimes still write on my diary. Somehow they are my way to escape from this bitter sweet life. And by the way.. I parents were separated years ago.

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Location: MS Gulf Coast (Ocean Springs, Mississippi - USA)
Age:  37 years old

Southern girl, Christian, wife, mother, bookworm....all these terms help to describe who I am, but they don’t tell the entire story.  I was born and raised in Gautier, Mississippi, a small city along the MS Coast.  For generations, my family has lived here.....many on the very same street where I was raised.  Growing up, it was normal for cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents to come and go at all hours.  We were like one, gigantic family unit.  At 37 years old, and with a family of my own, I live in the next town over, in a place called Ocean Springs.  I’m still right here on the water, but now I have to call my family on the phone instead of walking over.  
I’m married, with two very beautiful little girls, ages 9 and 4.  Both are full of (what my grandmother used to say) “spit & vinegar,” meaning that they’re a little feisty and full of energy.  We’re trying to raise these fiery girls to be compassionate & considerate, yet strong enough so that they’re not easily swayed by society.  As any parent knows, raising kids can be a difficult, sometimes discouraging, yet oh, so rewarding job!
Officially, I’m a licensed and certified teacher, with ten years experience.  Right now, however, I’ve taken a year off to spend time with my children, before the youngest starts kindergarten.  While the time with the girls is great, I confess that I feel a little lost without an official “job.”  It’s quite ironic actually, some people don’t see homemaker as an actual position; yet, it’s most difficult job I’ve ever held.  
A large part of who I am is because of the experiences I’ve had throughout the years.  One of my most cherished memories is of the time when I lived overseas, in China. I was lucky enough to live in Hefei, and then later Benxi, for nearly a year.  This was back in 2001, the same year as the attacks on the U.S.  The experience of being submerged into the Chinese culture was unlike anything I’ve ever had.  The people were welcoming, gracious, and willing to go the extra mile to help in any way they could.  It was a lovely experience, helping me to realize the beauty beyond my own “back door.”
My time in China, work with both American and Chinese students, my faith, family life and experiences....all these things work together to make me....well, ME.  I look forward to journeying with each of you, sharing my life, experiences, hopes and dreams.  My sincere hope is that, through reflection and sharing, we can work together, to break down the barriers that bind us. 
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Location: Wassenaar Holland
Age: 38 years Old

My life right now consists of having the privilege & opportunity to stay home while learning my way around a new country, Wassenaar Holland. For the past 12 years with a couple of moves here & there I call Utah my home base! I love to take pictures, but most recently it is with my I-phone...:0), love to cook, bake, scrapbook, do nails, be with my husband, travel, love to learn new things, play the piano {not well}!!!, love to meet new people, read, decorate my home, love spray painting items, being the very best mom to my 2 amazing kids. :0), like to exercise but hate to run. {sorry runners}! 

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Location: Egaila, Kuwait
Age: 31 years old

I'm a full-time mom to three and occassional pre-school teacher. I've spent the last seven years living in sunny Kuwait after I married my handsome Indian husband. I grew up in Idaho (go Vandals!) and enjoy sewing, cooking and spending way too much time pinning things on Pinterest.

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Location: Bairnsdale, Australia
Age: 31 years old

Hi there, My name is Alisha.
I'm a wife to a wonderful hard working husband, and we have 2 children, a boy, and a girl.
I'm a vegetarian who loves tea, photography, being creative, shopping, cooking, and having fun with my family and friends.

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 Location: Utah - USA
Age: 34 years old

Originally from Boise, ID, this "Idaho Spud" girl has loved all things creative since I was young girl. I spent years in dance classes (plus teaching and coaching it), art classes and even some music classes too. I have a love for individual expression through many forms. Married with 5 kids (and hoping to add another through foster adoption soon) we were transplanted to Utah in 2010 and have been exploring a new state and having a great time!

My daily motto is "Make a difference". No matter how small or big, this is a passion of mine - to make difference in some way to someone each day. I believe we should cherish the small moments, let your hair down, don't sweat the small stuff and go for your dreams and help others along the way achieve their dreams too!

I love to create with my hands, go thrifting and love FASHION too! I currently have my own web TV show on the My Craft Channel Network - ReFashion it! - and love sharing my tutorials, ideas and daily musings on my blog.
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Location: Curitiba, ParanĂ¡, Brasil
Age: 32 years old

I am a Brazilian woman, mom of two precious daughters, ages 5
and 2. I love spending time with them as well as with their dad,
who has been my dear husband for 7 and a half years now. I am
mormon, and happy to know I am a daughter of our Heavenly
Father who has a plan for me. That makes all the difference. I
left my career as a pharmacist to live abroad as my husband got
his degree, and found out how much we can learn from different
cultures, and I have been a fan of that ever since. I love life, and
the beauty we find within it daily. Let´s share and learn together!

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